“Stressed and anxious over my academics, fearful of future rejection and failure, and feeling directionless, enrolling in Palak’s coaching sessions couldn’t have come at a better time. We discussed and worked through my anxieties, while also discovering other issues that I didn’t even realize were holding me back. Palak has given me the tools to effectively control my anxiety and are what I now refer to when I feel emotional and stressed or when I know that I’m about to head into a particularly busy week. After going through the program, I can truly say that my line of thinking is much clearer and that I’m a happier individual overall!”

“Palak's program truly helped me recognize patterns I'd never even realized before. After telling her about myself and sharing a few stories, Palak was able to provide advice in a way that really resonated with me. During a difficult job transition, I was able to really get a grip on my emotions and stop worrying so much. In general, I feel like I am more of a "go with the flow" person now that I have learned to use the tools Palak taught me. Even months after I completed the program, I still take time to remind myself that I can ease my anxiety if I take a moment to better control of my thoughts. This was my first time doing an coaching program and I am honestly shocked at how much it's changed me. I find myself instinctually changing the course of my thoughts, which is something I never used to do. Instead of snowballing into anxiety, I feel like I have both hands on the wheel.”

“I can not say enough about how Palak has helped me overcome a lot of anxiety since I started working her. Worries that we’re not helped my business or my relationship go forward were addressed in digestible weekly assignments. Her approach to reducing anxiety really puts you in the driver seat and helps you navigate the thoughts in your mind rather then your mind taking over the show. I am so grateful I found her. Anytime I feel overwhelmed and I’m falling into a rabbit hole of worry that doesn’t serve me I reach out and schedule a session and she immediately puts me back on track and helps me see that I am in control. Thank you Palak from the bottom of my heart!”

"After a particularly devastating break-up combined with having suffered from anxiety for years, I was at the lowest I had been in a long time. I still worked with my ex and regularly saw him in my everyday life. A friend recommended I reached out to Palak to learn how to cope with this new normal. As someone who has been in therapy and on medication for years, I was flabbergasted at the results I experienced with Palak. In a short couple of months, I was able to be pretty anxiety free when dealing with him. I've always thought the old adage, "Make this break-up the best thing that's ever happened to you" was kind of bullshit. But with Palak's help, I can truly say this break-up became the best thing that ever happened to me. Actually, no. In many ways, finding Palak has been."

"Going through this process was helpful because I was coached and provided with activities that helped alleviated my anxiety due to a past relationship. The sessions were stress free, and we got deep into the root of the anxiety. You could have every aspect of your life in "control" or in a "good spot" but even one thing can cause a person anxiety. It is so important to acknowledge and address the anxiety up front instead of bottling it away. These sessions provided multiple activities that I can use over and over again as I move forward. Palak is a professional and a great/encouraging coach...I'm very thankful to have her support."

"I recently made a pivot into a new industry that required me to do media appearances. I'm not one to talk about myself so the idea of going on camera was terrifying! Palak's tools helped me to accept my anxiety for what it is and allowed me to manage it. My anxiety will always be a part of me but I can now pursue challenges that I would have once said no to because of Palak. If you are struggling with anxiety do not hesitate to reach out her. She's the real deal!"

"When I came to Palak I was in a very dire situation. I had gone through many counselors locally and none seemed to understand I needed to address the paralyzing anxiety fast.Palak got to work and I could breathe again.Then recently this year I was fired from a job I loved in one of the most traumatic processes of my life. And I downward spiraled again into anxiety and self sabotage. I couldn't trust people again and that hurting my ability to connect and establish relationships in my new job. I signed up for the program with Palak to defeat anxiety. It was amazing. Every single session had me ready to face the day stronger than before. I went from crumbling to happy and empowered. It started to bleed into other areas of my life. What she taught me can be translated to many other situations. I highly respect Palak and the program she's crafted. As a busy mom and professional I felt like she was my ally because she'd meet me where I am at with my time constraints. It was great to do the sessions while finishing getting ready for work instead of taking time away from my busy day. I'm experiencing a calm I haven't since my childhood."

“Palak is a great coach. She helped me understand my thought patterns and gave me coping mechanisms that I started using after my first session. Whenever I feel anxiety, I use the coping mechanisms and it helps me. Palak helped me with my social anxiety, my worries about the future, and some insecurities about myself. I became emotionally stronger. I highly recommend her!”

"I was introduced to Palak through a mutual friend while sharing my issues with anxiety. I reached out to her merely because her instagram posts resonated with me and I wanted to thank her for what she is doing for the greater good. Soon after, we became close friends and supporters of each other’s visions.  This was primarily because we both truly believe in educating this generation in a different way – a way that is emotionally intelligent. I cannot thank Palak more for taking the time to speak to my group and teaching them how to manipulate their mind to think positively."

"Palak Vani was a speaker at an event I attended this summer. She spoke about how anxiety messes with our mind while taking a major test, talking in front of an audience, and interviewing for jobs. Palak reminded us to not only face anxiety head on, but to accept that we may have embarrassing moments, and people will judge us while we are presenting or in our daily lives too. Not only did Palak teach us a very important life skill, but she also taught us that everyone makes mistakes and it’s part of a learning process."